Books by Anne Beall

Cinderella Didn't Live Happily Ever After: The Hidden Messages In Fairy Tales (2018)


 You might think Cinderella lived happily ever after until you look more closely at the hidden messages in beloved fairy tales.  This book contains a data analysis of Grimm's tales as well as insightful commentary about these stories.


Heartfelt Connections: How Animals & People Help One Another (Published in 2016 and re-released 2018)


A heartwarming book with stories and research about the many ways that animals help people.  Includes dogs, cats, pigs, horses, birds and even llamas!


Community Cats: A Journey Into the World of Feral Cats (Published in 2016 and 2019)


Stories and research about feral cats and the impact they have on people and communities.  Includes interviews with caretakers and pioneers in the TNR movement.  It's a heartwarming book for those who love cats.


Reading the Hidden Communications Around You: A Guide To Reading Body Language in the Workplace


Researchers estimate that nonverbal communication comprises between 60 and 93 percent of all communication. How much are you missing? Anne Beall shares her approach to reading customers and colleagues.


Strategic Market Research: A Guide to Conducting Research that Drives Businesses (Now in its 3rd Edition)

Strategic Market Research book by Anne E. Beall

Anne Beall shares her approach to conducting strategic market research in this book. With more than 25 years of experience, Beall details the strategic principles she has developed that can inspire and change an organization.  


The Psychology of Gender (2nd Edition) Editors: Alice H. Eagly, Anne E. Beall & Robert J. Sternberg (Published 2005)


To what extent does gender influence our behavior, thoughts, and feelings? And how does gender affect how we are perceived and treated by others? The second edition of this important book addresses these central questions.